Interview with Andrea

Being an intern at Henkel, what do you like most about it?
As an intern at Henkel, you are very hands on in your position as opposed to just observing and not doing much. I like that you become really immersed in the corporate world and you get a first-hand look and experience in what potential careers you could have after graduation.

What is the greatest learning you will take home after your internship at Henkel?
I’ve only been at Henkel for about 3 weeks, and I already know the greatest learning I will have is how to keep up with a fast-paced environment that university and classes don’t really teach you. The experience here of doing your job and learning and applying it is something we probably wouldn’t get at other companies but here at Henkel we’re trusted to be involved and to keep up which is a great feeling.

Do you consider Henkel as a future employer and why?
Yes, I definitely would, and I have actually researched and found out that there is a Henkel nearby my home town in California. I am the kind of person who has always known that staying in a cubicle in an office would be too boring for me, but the atmosphere at Henkel keeps it so that you’re always busy and always learning new things.

What is the biggest fun factor while working at Henkel?
The biggest fun factor, I believe, would be that as an intern I knew I would be very shy and slightly closed off but my supervisors have made learning about HR recruitment fun while also fully immersing me in the Henkel recruitment culture.

What is unique about working at Henkel?
Henkel really puts their trust in their interns. We’re not just told to do everyday clerical work, we’re given projects to work on and to improve our skills. That is something some companies would have a difficult time doing. 

Describe Henkel in three words.
Henkel is fast-paced, enriching, and unique.