Press Releases 2012

Quarterly Report Q3/2012 (Cover)
Henkel fully committed to achieving 2012 targets 
  • Sales rise 6.6 percent to 4,294 million euros (organic: + 2.5%)
  • Adjusted* operating profit: + 16.7 percent to 631 million euros
  • Adjusted* EBIT margin: + 1.3 percentage points to 14.7 percent
  • Adjusted* earnings per preferred share (EPS): + 16.5 percent to 0.99 euros
  • Sales share of emerging markets increased to 44 percent
  • Free cash flow up more than 50 percent, net debt substantially reduced
  • 2012 targets reconfirmed
Henkel presents growth strategy and financial targets for 2016 
  • Strong potential for accelerated growth and increased profitability in all three business sectors
  • Financial targets 2016*:
    • 20 bn euros sales
    • 10 bn euros sales in emerging markets
    • 10 % EPS growth (CAGR)** 
  • Strengthen competitiveness: Focus on brands, innovations, customers
  • Expand in emerging markets, leverage strong positions in mature markets
  • Increase investments: capex to rise by over 40 % to total 2 bn euros 
  • Ongoing adaptation and simplification of processes and structures
  • Strengthen global team: Leadership, Talents & Performance, Diversity
Henkel Expands Line-up to Redefine Indian Flexi Pack Laminating & Coating Industry 

10th October, Chennai: Henkel Adhesive Technologies India launched an extended line up of laminates and coating products both solvent and water based that are immensely beneficial to the flexi pack laminating process.

Henkel’s international student competition has started 

Mumbai– The sixth annual “Henkel Innovation Challenge” kicks off this September. Students from 25 countries are invited to participate. The task for the participants in the “Henkel Innovation Challenge” is to develop a concept for an innovative and sustainability-related product or technology for a Henkel brand, according to the vision and market needs in 2050. Interested students can register until December 12, at

Henkel Expands Gasketing Technology to Enhance Performance & Reliability for automobiles 

Mumbai, August 30, 2012: Henkel has expanded its gasketing technology portfolio with new materials and processes designed to replace rubber gaskets in automotive applications. With its latest development, Loctite(R) 5883(TM) Polyacrylate gaskets combined with the new XIP gasketing process helps Henkel provide customers with a unique sealing solution that allows to dispense high-performance compression gaskets within seconds directly onto automotive parts. This new process eliminates the need for solid rubber press-in-place (PIP) gaskets and enables automotive OEM's and tiered suppliers to enhance performance and reliability of their products while achieving productivity goals and reducing overall costs.

Quarterly Report Q2/2012 (Cover)
Henkel reports strong increase in sales and earnings 
  • Sales rise 6.4 percent to 4,206 million euros (organic: + 4.0%)
  • Adjusted* operating profit: + 18.6 percent to 609 million euros
  • Adjusted* EBIT margin: + 1.5 percentage points to 14.5 percent
  • Adjusted* earnings per preferred share (EPS): + 22.8 percent to 0.97 euros
  • Emerging markets again primary success drivers (organic sales: + 8.1%)
  • Targets for 2012 confirmed; EPS growth outlook raised from at least 10 percent to around 15 percent
Quarterly Report Q1/2012 (Cover)
Henkel records solid sales growth and boosts profitability in first quarter 
  • Sales rise 4.8 percent to 4,008 million euros (organic: +4.7%)
  • Adjusted* operating profit: up 16.6 percent to 551 million euros
  • Adjusted* EBIT margin: up 1.3 percentage points to 13.7%
  • Adjusted* earnings per preferred share (EPS): up 19.2% to 0.87 euros
  • Emerging markets again show above-average growth (+8.7%)
  • Improved gross margin despite raw material price increases
Henkel Expands Line-up to Redefine the Indian Laminates & Coating Industry 

12th April, Delhi: Henkel launched the extended line up of laminates and coating products to once again emphasize its predominance in the global adhesive industry. One of the world’s largest providers of adhesives, Henkel has a wide portfolio of products and applications.

Annual Report 2011 (Cover)
Henkel delivers sales and earnings at record levels 
  • Sales increase of 3.4% to 15,605 million euros (organic: +5.9%)
  • Adjusted* operating profit: plus 9.0% to 2,029 million euros
  • Adjusted* EBIT margin: plus 0.7 percentage points to 13.0%
  • Adjusted* earnings per preferred share (EPS): plus 11.3% to 3.14 euros
  • Double-digit increase in emerging markets (organic: +10.8%)
  • Higher dividend proposed: plus 11.1% to 0.80 euros per preferred share
  • 2012 financial targets reconfirmed
Sustainability Report 2011 (Cover)
New sustainability strategy for 2030 

For more than two decades, Henkel has been publishing a dedicated Sustainability Report alongside its Annual Report. In the 21st issue, which is being published today, the company is presenting its new Sustainability Strategy 2030. At the core of this is the goal of achieving more with less and tripling its efficiency. The new sustainability strategy applies to all business sectors and the entire value chain.

High fashion at The Schwarzkopf Professional Estetica Hair Couture Awards 2011 

The Schwarzkopf Professional Estetica Hair Couture Awards 2011, held in New Delhi, was high on colors, cuts and carats. The fashionable and talented walked in to join hands with Schwarzkopf Professional, a global leader in professional hair care for over 100 years in over a 120 countries and Estetica, the leading Italian hair magazine with 26 international editions to honour the men and women, who contribute towards making each day a good hair day.

IIT Delhi Bags the Indian Leg of Henkel Innovation Challenge 
The team to represent Henkel India at the 5th Annual global Henkel Innovation Challenge in Poland  more...
Henkel extends Board Member contracts  
  • Contract of CEO Kasper Rorsted extended by five years
  • Contract of Hans Van Bylen as Executive Vice President Cosmetics/Toiletries also extended by five years.
Breakthrough in the development of labeling adhesives 

Labeling adhesives have to satisfy multiple requirements. A new generation of casein-free adhesives now offers extended properties and a performance profile that ensures trouble-free production processes for beverage manufacturers while extending their options. As the leading supplier of adhesive technologies, Henkel is dedicated to application-driven research and development of innovative solutions that respond to the growing needs of the market and the environment.

First “Henkel Sustainability Award” presented 

Henkel has presented the “Henkel Sustainability Award” for the first time on January 30, 2012 in Orlando, Florida. The award will annually recognize business partners who notably contributed to the development of more sustainable products from Henkel. The “Henkel Sustainability Award 2011” has been conferred to BASF.

Henkel advances sustainable cultivation of palm oil  

From 2012 onwards, Henkel is purchasing certificates for sustainable palm kernel oil for its entire range of laundry and home care products. This ensures that for the quantity of palm kernel oil used in the  production of the surfactants for Henkel’s detergents and cleaning products a corresponding quantity of sustainable palm kernel oil will be produced and enter the supply chain. As early as in 2009, Henkel committed to cover its overall product portfolio by certificates and to complete this step by 2015. To underline the clear commitment to a sustainable palm oil production, Henkel is now accelerating the process for laundry and home care, its largest product category containing surfactants.

Henkel develops electrically conductive adhesive compatible with lower-cost components 

In a significant formulation breakthrough, Henkel Electronic Materials announces that it has developed a new electrically conductive adhesive (ECA) compatible with lower-cost, tin-terminated components to enable more cost-effective assembly processes.  The new material, Ablestik ICP-3535M1 is a one-component, pre-mixed ECA that provides low and stable contact resistance when used with 100% tin-terminated components.