Innovative Products

Innovations are of great strategic importance for Henkel, because they provide the basis for our future business portfolio. Already today, more than 30 percent of our annual sales are generated by new, innovative products introduced during the preceding three years.

Persil, Purex, Pril, Schwarzkopf, Dial, Syoss, Loctite, Teroson, or Technomelt – as varied as the brands and technologies from Henkel are, they have one thing in common: they are based on considerable know-how and innovative ideas. We are constantly at work to perfect our products and production processes, so that we can meet even better the needs of our customers and the consumer. Successfully. Below you will find examples of the many innovative products from Henkel.

Osis - Dust It

This Schwarzkopf innovation is a first with the Texture collection products that define & personalize your style, giving an individual twist to your look. The innovative silicate composition is responsible for the strong matt feeling and volume which makes this product unique and distinct in the market. The application is easy. Rub the powder in your hands and it turns into a cream that can be applied to dry hair for quick hassle free styling and texture. It’s your style statement on the go.
Osis - the complete product range

Loctite instant adhesives
The three new Loctite variants – 403, 408 and 460 – are extensively odor-free, offer improved moisture tolerance and are suitable for bonding almost any material – plastics, metals and even rubber.

Persil Duo-Caps
New Persil Duo-Caps, for all major European markets, is an innovative, pre-dosed liquid detergent offering dual-chamber technology. Easy to dispense, Persil Duo-Caps combines the Persil brightness formula in the green chamber with a powerful active stain remover in the blue chamber.

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