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Innovations are of great strategic importance for Henkel, because they provide the basis for our future business portfolio. Already today, more than 30 percent of our annual sales are generated by new, innovative products introduced during the preceding three years.

Persil, Purex, Pril, Schwarzkopf, Dial, Syoss, Loctite, Teroson, or Technomelt – as varied as the brands and technologies from Henkel are, they have one thing in common: they are based on considerable know-how and innovative ideas. We are constantly at work to perfect our products and production processes, so that we can meet even better the needs of our customers and the consumer. Successfully. Below you will find examples of the many innovative products from Henkel.


Henkel launched Loctite Safe Coat in India to offer an easy-to-use anti-corrosion coating that offers twice the service lifetime of any competitor solution. This low viscosity, solvent-based coating is ideal for spraying with a conventional air spray gun at a low pressure of 1-2 bar. The coat also provides a pinhole-free, ultra-smooth and glossy finish with a short cure cycle, significantly improving the surface and reducing the friction that causes “boundary drag". more information

Schwarzkopf Essence Ultîme

Schwarzkopf’s Essence Ultîme, the first hair care brand exclusively developed with beauty icon Claudia Schiffer, is revolutionizing the hair care segment. The high-performance formulas with luxurious pearl essence combine the expert knowledge of Claudia Schiffer with the outstanding hair expertise of Schwarzkopf. Essence Ultîme operates on all aspects of hair structure: It repairs the interior of the hair cells to restore their natural elasticity.

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