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Jobs & Application

Visit our job portal. You will find all current vacancies and job offers worldwide. We are looking forward to receive your online employment application.

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Application at Henkel

We want profound but fast decisions. That’s why we offer online applications only. Applying online includes many benefits and speeds up the whole procedure.

Documents for your online-application

You need the following documents for the online application (PDF preferred):

  • Curriculum vitae (C.V.)
  • Other documents, e.g. diplomas, certificates, overview of grades, graduation diploma (collected to one PDF preferred)
  • Please note that a letter of application/cover letter is not mandatory anymore and can be uploaded optionally

To speed up the review of your documents, please upload all relevant documents together at the same time.

Services of our job portal

The online recruitment tool offers the following services:

  • Search for relevant jobs matching your profile
  • Add your profile and apply via the online recruitment tool
  • Look at and update the information you stored on our system at any time
  • Activate the alert system so that you are informed about new openings as they occur.
  • Track the status of your online application
  • Choose your preferred language
  • Send job offers via Facebook by using the "tell a friend" function
  • Use the contact form and ask questions (no application)