As sustainability leaders, we aim to pioneer new solutions for sustainable development while continuing to shape our business responsibly and increase our economic success. This ambition encompasses all of our company’s activities – along the entire value chain.

Strong commitment to sustainability at Henkel in India

Henkel in India, like the company globally, is committed to leadership in sustainability. We have activated the global sustainability strategy, in all our activities along the entire value chain, from production to customer partnerships to community welfare and employee development.


Our sustainability strategy

Tripling the value we create through our business activities in relation to our environmental footprint – that is our goal for 2030.


Corporate Citizenship

Social engagement – or corporate citizenship – has always been an integral part of our sense of responsibility as a company. 

For more than 140 years, Henkel has been taking a visionary approach to supporting environmental and social progress. We recognize the potential impact we can have by developing sustainable innovations – because our products and technologies are used millions of times around the world every day. We’ve integrated environmental and social criteria into our innovation process so that every new product or formulation we launch contributes to sustainability.

Alongside this focus on innovation, we’ve set ourselves ambitious targets as part of a comprehensive sustainability strategy. This provides a shared understanding of our direction of travel by building sustainability into the day-to-day work of our employees around the world. And it drives progress toward improved sustainability and business performance – because we believe these two aspects go hand-in-hand. Together with our partners, we’re advancing sustainability along the entire value chain.

Our approach to sustainability

Corporate commitment



The Power of Sustainability

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Key figures

Collaboration & partnerships

Protecting the environment

Yearly targets are set and, more importantly, there is a year-on-year reduction target for water, waste and energy. Separate capital investments are earmarked for projects, in order to achieve the targets. During 2017, we reduced energy by 2.69%, water by 11.41% and waste by 10.53%, in comparison to the respective reductions in 2016. The average reduction for water, waste and energy was 8.21% during the year under consideration.

Key achievements /projects implemented across our manufacturing plants:

  1. Chennai Plant become the first site in India to recycle its entire Hazardous Waste. The site tied up with Gujarat Enviro Industries Pvt. Ltd. engaged in co-processing of waste to convert it into fuel for Kilns in Cement Industries.
  2. Parwanoo Plant also started disposing waste to a disposing agency engaged in co-processing.
  3. All our sites in India achieved the status of Zero Waste to Land Fill Sites.
  4. Turbhe Plant eliminated use of Ethyl Acetate as cleaning agent by using Nitrogen inertization.
  5. Gurgaon Plant improved its Power Factor from 0.97 to 0.99 for energy saving.
  6. Chennai Plant made process changes such as changing from single bead to double bead in extrusion and doubling productivity with marginal energy increase to gain overall specific energy reduction.
  7. Sitarganj Site eliminated generating drinking water through RO by purchasing it from market; thereby, reducing overall water generation. The site also started drying sludge to reduce overall specific waste generation.

Go Safe with Henkel Campaign

In an effort to address the topical issue of safety standards on the road, Henkel India has been running a road safety initiative that has far reaching effects in curbing fatalities and accidents in the country. The Go Safe with Henkel Campaign on Road Safety aims to create a behavioral shift amongst transporters and heavy vehicle operators by bringing about a change in the attitude towards compliance to safety regulations in India.

With this initiative towards Road Safety, Henkel has embarked on a journey in partnership with every stakeholder to achieve awareness that has far reaching implications and can make a difference to drivers who lose their lives every day due to lack of training as well as pedestrians who are innocent victims of negligent driving and non-compliance to regulations. 

Sustainable innovations @ Henkel India

At Henkel, sustainability is anchored in its innovations. Here below we showcase a few milestones indigenously developed either at the Pune Innovation Center or the Product Development Center, Thane. 

Loctite PC 7000 is sustainable and safer for the user and the environment. This high temperature abrasion resistant coating, used for protecting components against abrasion up to 1100°C, primarily finds application in coal power plants and mining. Loctite PC 7000 not only extends the life coal tip burner by up to 2 times but is also cost effective.

Water based chloroprene rubber adhesive for the sports and fashion industry was developed to replace solvent based products with an aim to offer health and safety benefits to our customers.

Another example is the foamable water based adhesive for litho lamination, which improves mileage, accelerates drying and minimizes warping.

Aquence CD 381 (IN) is a water based interior lamination adhesive for bonding foam type substrates. Foams are used in seating areas, hand rests, headliner areas and felt bonding in the interior of an automobile. It also finds application in wood bonding, wood to carpet bonding and foam to felt bonding. Aquence CD 381 (IN) provides quick bonding at room temperature (3 to 5 Seconds), excellent green strength and good heat resistance.

External Assessments

Henkel India’s Jejuri production site won the National Safety Council’s Suraksha Puraskar (Bronze Trophy & Certificate) under the MSME sector category.

Henkel India’s Jejuri production site won the National Safety Council’s Suraksha Puraskar (Bronze Trophy & Certificate) under the MSME sector category.

Henkel India team members receiving the Leaders award during the Sustainability 4.0 Awards ceremony organized by Frost & Sullivan and The Energy and Resources Institute (TERI).

Henkel India team members receiving the Leaders award during the Sustainability 4.0 Awards ceremony organized by Frost & Sullivan and The Energy and Resources Institute (TERI).