Initiatives and Partnerships

Expectations for social and environmental responsibility are changing again and again. That’s why companies rely on open dialogue with communities, suppliers, customers and many other stakeholders to make sure they provide solutions to the challenges that matter most.

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Involving the next generation

More and more initiatives are being launched to encourage today’s consumers to change their habits now. However, it’s also important to think about future generations. That’s why educational activities that promote sustainable behavior and raise awareness about the challenges facing our planet are also gaining popularity. Henkel’s Forscherwelt (“researchers’ world”), for example, encourages children to explore the world of science by making research fun. The international program includes teaching units and materials for elementary schools. The contents of the program reflect the focal points of Henkel's research areas, while also exploring sustainability.

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People power

Alongside this, Henkel encourages its more than 50,000 employees to contribute to sustainable development in their daily business lives and as members of society. One element of this is its unique Sustainability Ambassador program – the largest global training program in the company’s history. Over 50,000 Henkel employees have gone through training about sustainability since 2012. They’re now actively sharing their knowledge across the company’s sites worldwide, while also engaging with customers, suppliers and other partners. They also help generate understanding and enthusiasm about sustainability among the next generation by visiting primary schools. By the end of 2018, Henkel’s Sustainability Ambassadors had reached over 150,000 schoolchildren in 53 countries.

Discuss, engage, involve

At Henkel, our approach to sustainability is shaped by our interactions with our stakeholders. We’re convinced that open, ongoing dialogue with all groups that have an interest in our business is the key to making sure we’re working on the challenges that matter most. Through direct conversation, participation in multi­-stakeholder initiatives and support for dialog platforms, we aim to share our unique knowledge and gather insights – and then integrate what we’ve learned into our products, services and business activities. We want to understand our stakeholders. That’s why we truly listen.

Stakeholder Dialogue

Exchanges with our stakeholders and social groups are a key element of Henkel’s sustainability approach. That is the reason why we are active in a number of dialogue platforms and initiatives on selected topics related to sustainability.

This open exchange offers a basis for mutual understanding and an opportunity to attain social acceptance of our entrepreneurial decisions. At the same time, the dialogue is a source of new ideas and makes an important contribution to our innovation management, risk management and forms the basis for the further development of our sustainability strategy and reporting.

Therefore, we are engaged in a continuous dialogue with customers, consumers, suppliers, employees, shareholders, local communities, rating agencies and analysts, government authorities, nongovernmental organizations (NGOs), politicians, academia and scientists.