Meet Deborah

Henkel is one of the most professional adhesive companies, especially in the polyurethane field which perfectly fits my knowledge background, and it always attaches importance to innovation and technical employees.

I have worked in the AEE device assembly OBO PD team as a Scientific Associate since I joined the company. I’m responsible for PUR development for different requirements.

I like my job because it is always very creative, challenging, and interesting. I could learn something new or face different difficulties every day. On the other hand, as a PD colleague, we work together with TCS, sales, PMI for projects, we cooperate and work together to achieve the same goal. The process is difficult sometimes, but it is also very meaningful and fruitful.  

I’m very lucky to be working in a great PD team, my line manager always tries his best to support us and work together with us, and our other colleagues are all very easy going. We help each other, learn from each other and share our opinions with each other. All in all, I think I really love my team.

First, make sure you’re always learning. Learn from our company’s database, learn from your line manager and colleagues, it will help you enter your own job role quickly.

And second, be creative, don’t worry about making mistakes. Try out your own ideas or different ways even if it turns out it is not the right direction.