Meet Durgadevi

What did you make enter Adhesive Technologies Innovation?

SUSTAINABILITY! I have always been a sustainability enthusiast. I found this opportunity as more than just a job or a new career path to me. This program provides a wide platform to collaborate with diverse teams and learn to the science, engineering, and technology for improving sustainability at various levels of the value chain in different business units at Henkel. According to me, it is the best view of an organization one could get to understand the company’s portfolio better.

How was your first experience? What was impressing/exciting/surprising?

Everyone was extremely supportive and made the onboarding process very smooth. It was very exciting to see the very recently developed Inspiration Center in Düsseldorf with novel technology/ equipment and the amazing individuals from diverse backgrounds work together towards a great future. I was also surprised to have visits to the manufacturing plants and meet the higher organizational managers in the very early days of joining the company. So, that made me feel the responsibility right from the first day of the job. Apart from offering support just in the workplace, my team also supported me to find my way of living in Germany, since I am from outside the country, and this is my first time visiting/staying in Germany.

What do you like most about your job and your team? What is special?

I am given an opportunity to be in the team of corporate venture capitalists, where I get to meet various startup companies. It is quite interesting to discuss with them and identify how their innovations or technologies can help in improvising sustainability of processes in various business units at Henkel. It gives me a broad knowledge of how to collaborate with diverse teams on a global level. And having a team of supportive colleagues makes the job effortless and smooth.

What would be an advice you would give to a young graduate starting in R&D in Henkel?

Be open and innovative as this is the great opportunity to craft your career. Just let yourself explore the technology, science, and engineering in different business units at Henkel. And at least once a week, have an hour of your time blocked to meet different people who have different thought processes than you. It helps to learn and develop multiple perspectives on any process, situation, or issue. Also, familiarize yourself with the e-learning or onboarding online courses of Adhesive Technologies as they are extremely helpful to begin the journey here.