Meet Shweta

What initially drew you to the Henkel Adhesive Technologies Innovation Impact Program? 

I was drawn to HAT due to their enthusiastic commitment to diversity. The company's innovative thinking initiatives were apparent during the interview process. Throughout my interviews, I experienced their forward-thinking problem-solving methods, which left me impressed by their dedication. Moreover, the individuals conducting the interviews were notably welcoming and keen to explore how I could contribute, highlighting a culture that values inclusivity and diverse perspectives.

Tell us about your first impressions of the program. What surprised, excited, or impressed you the most?

The chance to engage in cross-functional collaboration within the company, coupled with the prospect of acquiring diverse technological skills as a recent graduate embarking on my career, is what stands out to me about this program. Additionally, the networking prospects, mentoring, and the dedication to fostering young talent are other remarkable aspects of the InnoImpact Program that I find impressive.

What can someone expect from the Henkel Adhesive Technologies Innovation program when they start?

As an InnoImpact graduate trainee, individuals can anticipate a dynamic and immersive experience aimed at fostering creativity and problem-solving skills. Expect to collaborate with diverse teams on cutting-edge projects. Mentorship from seasoned professionals will provide guidance and support as you navigate through innovative challenges within one’s own SBU project. Networking opportunities with industry leaders and the program's emphasis on innovation will encourage exploration, experimentation, and the development of interesting outcomes for projects. Overall, participants can expect an inspiring and transformative experience that prepares them for success in the adhesive technology industry.

Can you share an example of a successful collaboration you had with a different team at Henkel and how this teamwork contributed to a positive outcome?  

During my rotations across various SBUs, I had the opportunity to engage in collaborative endeavors with teams outside my own. One such project involved partnering with another InnoImpact student from my cohort. Working alongside her proved both enjoyable and enlightening, as I gained valuable insights from her expertise in biotechnology. The team at the SBU graciously welcomed us, cultivating an environment conducive to productive collaboration and innovation. Through seamless integration of our methodologies, and ideas, we collectively contributed to a positive project outcome. This collaboration not only reinforced the success of our project but also facilitated personal and professional growth through mutual learning and shared experiences.