Meet Tobias

Why did you join Adhesive Technologies Innovation?

After finishing my PhD, I wanted to work in a global company, where I can explore different roles and achieve my full potential. I also deeply care about the environment and wanted to work on sustainable solutions that have a positive impact on the world. Working in the innovation section of Henkel Adhesives seemed like the perfect opportunity to work on topics that I am passionate about and topics that will shape the future, such as automatization. Furthermore, the innovation impact program allows me to explore different projects, teams and business units, and helps me to grow and learn with the help of mentors and different rotational managers.

How was your first experience? What was impressing/exciting/surprising?

I was surprised about the strong commitment towards fostering a culture of belonging. Although Henkel is a company with a long tradition, it has set modern and ambitious goals towards gender parity and strives to create diverse teams and an inclusive work environment. I think that results in a very open and positive work culture, where everyone can come as their authentic self and feel included and appreciated.

What do you like most about your job and your team? What is special?

My favorite part about working at Henkel is the development process in close collaboration with customers, since it really makes it apparent how you can have a tangible impact on real-life applications and how your work could end up in products on the shelf in just a few months.

What would be an advice you would give to a young graduate starting in R&D in Henkel?

Share your passions, be authentic and leverage your own strengths. Be prepared to give and receive constructive feedback and stay flexible because you never know where you might find your personal niche.