Crash Norm Solutions

Henkel's solutions are designed to meet automotive regulations, including the forthcoming Crash Safety & Emission Norms in India. Our Adhesives, Sealants Functional coatings, Structural & Acoustic solutions give designers the flexibility to introduce high performing lightweight materials.
We have been pro-actively working on a number of cutting-edge technologies focused on Sustainable Light Weight solutions to help OEMs achieve their targets of weight reduction, cost efficiency and better fuel economy, while enhancing safety and comfort of the vehicle. Our global experience and market leadership places us in good stead to provide such innovative solutions, especially at a time when the Indian automotive industry is embarking on a phase marked by double digit growth.

Solutions for a variety of challenges

Henkel has been developing strong solutions for a variety of challenges for decades. Our automotive adhesive portfolio ‘Loctite’ is a prime example: Whenever strong, lasting car glue products are needed, many premium brands, OEMs and garages rely on Henkel car adhesives. Our solutions offer enhanced durability, sustainability, crash performance, safety and comfort. The solutions also reduce noise and vibrations. Our innovative technologies such as Structural Insert, Adhesives, High Damping Foam (HDF), Liquid Applied Sound Deadener (LASD), Composites, and New Generation Metal Pre-Treatment contribute immensely to meet Sustainability & Light weighting targets.


Liquid Applied Sound Deadener (LASD) can replace bitumen dampers

High Damping Foam (HDF) absorbs vibration resonance