08-Mar-2022  Mumbai

Henkel focuses on ‘Menstrual Hygiene’ in schools

Today, Henkel Adhesives Technologies India Private Limited (Henkel India), in collaboration with Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF) and V2 Care HSW Foundation, an NGO, conducted a Menstrual Hygiene Awareness and Sanitary Napkin Distribution Program for the less privileged school-going girls in Pune.

“Women form the backbone of our society, and their health and wellbeing are of prime importance. Through this initiative we aim to support the National Health Mission’s objectives to increase awareness among adolescent girls on Menstrual Hygiene, increase access to and use of high-quality sanitary napkins to adolescent girls in less privileged areas as well as ensure safe disposal of Sanitary Napkins in an environmentally friendly manner.” said Mr. Bhupesh Singh, CSR Committee Member of Henkel India.

At Henkel, we realized that the lack of menstrual knowledge, poor access to sanitary products and a non-facilitating school environment can make it difficult for girls to attend school. Through our Menstrual Hygiene Awareness and Sanitary Napkin Distribution Program we have through education and awareness building, sought to address challenges related to menstruation in schools.

This is an attempt to help these young girls get a better understanding of menstruation and its basic biology. We are focused on dismissing commonly held myths and misconceptions many women hold about their menstrual cycles. It is our mission to help women adopt hygienic practices that will enhance their well-being and normalize, or destigmatize, perceptions about menstruation

At Henkel, we are committed to address the issue of girls dropping out from schools due to Menstruation issues. We have already conducted a similar program in Guwahati and we are conducting more such menstruation related educational & support initiatives in Indore Ahmedabad and Kanpur. We aim to impact the lives of at least 1500- 2000 girls at each center & to support them for one year to bring about a behavioral change.

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