3 Henkel Interns standing next to each other, smiling at the camera

Six good reasons for an internship at Henkel


3 learnings from Nina

For Nina, there are two things that convince her of Henkel as a workplace: The international team and dedication for big ideas. Also, there’s one particular reason why she can now look back on great achievements!


3 questions for Alam

As an intern in Corporate Human Resources, Alam finds diversity a key factor of Henkel’s culture. But there are a few more reasons why he considers Henkel a potential future employer - after only one month in the game.



02 Apr

Career Fair

Mannheim, Germany

21 Apr

International Business Fair

Reutlingen, Germany

21 Nov 22 Nov


Cologne, Germany

21 Apr

Fakultäts­karrieretag Köln

Cologne, Germany

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